A tool to explore available courses at "Uned Abierta"

How to view and explore in new ways the different courses that the university offers


The national distance university UNED wanted to show their available online courses in different ways. They wanted something organic and radical.

Our design

We iterated and came up with different patterns to show their information. We drew on the tools and languages of data visualization. The result is a tool where users can find related courses using three connected circular wheels.

We wanted to achieve an experience completely different from the mainstream web but still keeping a good level of usability.

The client liked the result and decided to use the tool as their front-page.
We used D3 for coding
Available at unedAbierta
Team: With Alfredo Calosci
Context: freelance,
My Tasks: Concept, Coding
Tools: Sketch, D3, HTML/JS/CSS