Semilla boombox

A participative process aimed to build a permanent installation of BoomboxSt in the neighborhood of Villaverde (Madrid)
Semilla Boombox is a semi-permanent version of boomboxSt, a second iteration. It has been installed for a few months in a public park in Villaverde, a neighbourhood in the suburbs of Madrid.

The project has been a collaboration with Semilla and intermediae. Semilla is a grassroots organization which works mainly with teenagers at risk of social exclusion. They are usually kids who left school and through Semilla they receive non-official training in other skills to reintegrate them into society.

Intermediae is a cultural institution depending on the Madrid art council. They work promoting new forms of social or participative art.

Together we organized a course where the participants took a major role in finding the place for the device and designing the behavior. They learned how to do things with Linux, how to design web for mobile phones or work with embedded hardware, they created the logo...


The project has become a major milestone within Intermediae and is an example of collaboration among creators, social organization and art institutions.
The reception in the neighborhood has been very diverse. The device is used daily but it is challenging to inform all the neighbors about its history and goals.

2015 Update

The prototype was working for four months in the summer with a temporary agreement with the city council. Then the temporary permission ended and we went through the process of getting a permanent license. Unfortunately, Semilla NGO couldn't survive the economic crisis and disappeared. Now the project is stalled, waiting for a future revival.

Team: Sergio Galán, Carlos Flores, Asociación Semilla
Context: A project developed with Semilla (A grassroot organization) and Intermediae (Art institution from Madrid)
My Tasks: Concept, Prototyping Programming