Zowi is an open source smart robot. It is designed for kids to play while learning the basics about technology (design+code+electronics). I joined the BQ team to lead the design of the ecosystem of content around the robot. We had a tight schedule to conceptualize and build apps, visual identity, personality, webs, games, learning activities...

When I joined the project as an external consultant, the company had almost finished the design of the robot. I took the role of product designer for the ecosystem surrounding it. Over a period of five months my tasks were mainly:

  • Work with UX + Android team to conceptualize the mobile app
  • Work with different teams within the company to add more value to the toy: personality, sounds, games, customization, stories, learning projects
  • Design the journey from the unboxing to the first steps, the learning path...
  • User-testing the whole experience: packaging, setup, mobile app
  • Create a shared vision about the product within the company
Zowi was launched at Christmas 2015-2016.
Zowi at BQ website

Team: Different Zowi project workstream teams.
Context: Consulting
My Tasks: Product design, UX (high level)
Tools: Soft skills, Concept Design, User Testing