La Cosa Radiactiva

Explorations & landscapes on the verge of art, science & activism.

Yellow Oscar for the best short documentary at Uranium Film Festival 2015

La Cosa Radiactiva is a project which combines citizen science and activism.

La Cosa Radiactiva is a road trip of engineers, musicians and artists in order to explore several sites related with radioactivity in Madrid area and other places in Spain.
There are several sites in Spain that relate closely with the radioactive phenomenon, be it natural or man-made: uranium mines, nuclear power plants, natural radon sources, research institutes... What do dwellers who live in these places know about radioactivity? What kind of information does the government provide for inhabitants at candidate cities that could host a nuclear power plant or a nuclear waste storage facility? Are we even able to tell the difference between radioactivity and electromagnetic radiation?
In September 2012, we started a road trip to visit some of these places, aiming to learn about nuclear history in Spain. We measured, made laser-sound performances and encouraged debate about conflicts related to radioactivity.

To know more about the project check the project website or the short documentaries on vimeo the short documentaries on vimeo
Team: Sergio Galán, Victor Diaz, Servando Barreiro, Marcos Carnero, Alejandro Perez
Context: Art project. Founded with public support from mataderomadrid
My Tasks: Concept, project coordination,
Tools: Android, webTechnologies