Laboratorio de fuerzas (F-lab)

There are four basic forces of physics: gravity, weak nuclear, strong nuclear and electromagnetic. F-Lab is an interactive space to experiment with them.

An interactive room designed for the new National Museum of Science And Technology (MUNCYT) in Alcobendas (Madrid).
It is inspired by the uses, popular imagery and qualities of the four forces of nature: strong nuclear, weak nuclear, gravity and electromagnetic.

The room contains an interactive round table, three digital mirrors, a five-channel sound system and an interactive illumination system. Everything is synchronized together and sorted in four scenes — one for each force.
In each stage the player can play with the forces in different ways: manipulating electromagnetic waves, recreating nuclear explosions, colliding particles, creating black holes...

Commission: From brainstorming to production

The museum management contacted us to include something related to interactive art and science in their new building.

When the museum was in the planning stage, we designed different proposals for the available spaces.
After the final design was approved with the museum team, Guillermo Casado and I were in charge of the engineering and development. The physical building of the spaces was subcontracted to another company. The installation will remain working for a year.

Acknowledgments and references

The project wouldn't be possible without the great openFrameworks platform In this project we use tons of addons.

The project has been developed with Spanish taxpayer's money, so here it is the source code

Team: Sergio Galán, Guillermo Casado
Context: Museum Comission
My Tasks: Concept, Design, Programming.
Tools: Openframeworks, Processing, FadeCandy LED