City Fireflies

Play with the light of your mobile phone at Medialab-prado LED media facade.
City Fireflies is a multiplayer collaborative game for public spaces.

The story

Medialab-prado has a huge media facade and we wanted to make a game with it.

The result is City Fireflies, where we introduced a new way of interacting with public screens. The traditional ways of interacting usually are:

1. Body shape recognition.
2. Software for mobile phones.

The first one is very limited and for the second one you must tell people to download software, which takes some time and is not suitable for casual play.

Our solution was to use the mobile phone in a different way: we track the light of the screen, so it is compatible with most of the devices on the market :-)

The facade is a bit hidden but next to the most touristy spots in the city. So we focus on casual play for people walking through the street.

The fact of having something in the hand (the mobile phone) and using it as a "game device" makes the game very playful and the experience involves the whole body.

The game mechanics are simple: players need to remove the "threats" that are trying to take over the square.
There are different levels and to clean the screen one player is not enough, so as the game progresses, it becomes a multiplayer collaborative game.
Team: Sergio Galán, Victor Diaz
Context: full project
My Tasks: Concept, Prototyping Programming,
Tools: Open Frameworks