3D data sculptures with unity

Generative visuals based on financial data. LED screen.
Client: private

Connected action commons

Narrating cultural action using data visualization tools. New ways of accountability for cultural projects based on collaborative networks.
Client: European Cultural Foundation

A tool to explore available courses at “Uned Abierta”

How to view and explore in new ways the different courses that the university offers
Client: UNED


Zowi is an open source smart robot. It is designed for kids to play while learning the basics about technology (design+code+electronics). I joined the BQ team to lead the design of the ecosystem of content around the robot. We had a tight schedule to conceptualize and build apps, visual identity, personality, webs, games, learning activities…
Client: BQ

Laboratorio de fuerzas (F-lab)

There are four basic forces of physics: gravity, weak nuclear, strong nuclear and electromagnetic. F-Lab is an interactive space to experiment with them.
Client: MUNCYT

Cómo ven las maquinas

An interactive installation about computer vision for the National Museum of Science and Technology in Madrid
Client: MUNCYT

Semilla boombox

A participative process aimed to build a permanent installation of BoomboxSt in the neighborhood of Villaverde (Madrid)

La Cosa Radiactiva

Explorations & landscapes on the verge of art, science & activism.

City Fireflies

Play with the light of your mobile phone at Medialab-prado LED media facade.
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